Our system has gone through a couple changes. Here’s the info you need to understand our billing and how to access your account.

For Filebase Only Members

This is for members who purchased a Filebase membership

For Thrivecart Members

this is for members who joined after may 2020

For Legacy Members

this is for members who joined before may 2020

For Humble Bundle Users

this is for members who purchased the humble bundle game dev package

Important notes for Legacy Pro Members

  • As a Pro Member, you get access to all current AND new on-demand courses (this excludes ITP courses). You will not get the benefits of the Professional Unity Developer Program.  With an active Pro Membership (billed yearly), you will also get access to Community and Filebase. This grants you access to thousands of game assets, props, characters and more.
  • If you are a Humble Bundle user, you only get access to the Ultimate Guide to Game Development course and no access to Community or Filebase.
  • It is your responsibility to remember to cancel your membership before the end of the year.
  • The Free Membership has been discontinued since May 2020.  You will be unable to access anything through that account.  
  • If you are not connected to Filebase or can’t log into or onto Filebase, let us know and we will try to verify the problem on the form below.  
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